Federico Zambon

Specialised in blackwork and realistic designs in black and grey

Born in Venice in 1988, Federico showed a natural talent for drawing and a passion for art when he was a boy. He went on to study at Artistic High School and the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice where he graduated in painting and sculpture. After a number of artistic experiences, including several exhibitions of contemporary art, he decided to begin an apprenticeship at the Venetian Tattoo Artist studio.

Attestato Federico ZambonHere, he learnt the art of the tattoo from the master Maurizio Galli and, since gaining his Health and Safety certificate, has dedicated himself entirely to skin art. Thanks to his long and varied artistic studies, he is able to carry out diverse styles of tattoo, with a preference for blackwork and realistic designs in black and grey.

Maurizio Galli - Venetian Tattoo Artist
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