Venetian Tatto Artist di Maurizio Galli

Venetian Tattoo Artists

We create all kinds of tattoo: oriental style, black and grey, blackwork/dotwork, realistic images, 3D effects, and cover up.
The studio, located in the centre of Mestre (on the mainland, 15 minutes from the historic centre of Venice), has state-of-the-art equipment and a dedicated sterilization room.

Venetian Tattoo Artist - studio

tatuaggio stile giaponnese

Japanese Style

Each element of the design has a precise meaning and a personal value, and new elements can be gradually added to increase the intricacy and complexity of the tattoo.

tatuaggio nero grigio

Black and Grey

This style features different tones and shades of grey, allowing the creation of both complex abstract patterns and highly realistic images.

tatuaggio blackwork


This style mainly uses flat black; any gradients and shading effects are created using dotwork - areas of dots that vary in density.

tatuaggio cover up

Cover up

Cover-ups are used to cover existing tattoos. The old design can either be restyled or completely replaced with new artwork.