Maurizio Galli

Tattoo artist specialised in Japanese style

Maurizio Galli was born in Venice in 1960. His passion for body art began when he was a teenager, during which time he spent a good part of his free time drawing mainly oriental designs using his own skin as a canvas.

“What was my ambition? To make these drawings permanent, something I was soon able to do using a 3-needle stick that I still have, together with a number of other unusual collector’s items.

Attestato“Thanks to a friend who came back from New York in 1979, I was able to acquire my own professional equipment. From that moment on, I have always been committed to maintaining the highest levels of hygiene; this proved to be essential when, in 2000, I successfully passed all the health and safety tests that resulted in the closure of the vast majority of tattoo studios in Italy. This led to me being asked by the Local Health Authority of Verona to teach the procedures necessary to obtain the certification required to open a tattoo and piercing studio.

“My favourite style, and my speciality, is oriental: each symbol and each drawing has a precise meaning that endows it with a personal value. Also, the characteristics of the Japanese style means that it can be gradually expanded, new elements can be added whenever the client is ready.”

Maurizio Galli - Venetian Tattoo Artist
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